- Pauline - A gift for my goddaughter. Paintool SAI and Photoshop

- The Moaning Words - (Byook) Cards for the app

- The Moaning Words - (Byook) Cards for the app

- Little Red ll - (personal work) I wanted to find another way to show the danger, without showing the wolf

- Cthulhu klicker ( at 1st "Killer clicker )- (Byook)

- House - ((personal work) A house typical from the North of France. Photoshop.

- Japan - (personal work) Photoshop.

- Skycastle - (personal work) Photoshop.

- Freedom - (personal work) Photoshop/Illustrator

A close up from "Freedom"

- Little Red - (personal work) Photoshop

- Parrot - (personal work) I did this picture very quickly to try some new brushes

- Cherry tree - (personal work) Photoshop, watercolour brushes and textures

- Wolves Girl - (personal work) Inspired by Kay Nielsen's work.

- Little Witch - (personal work) Photoshop and watercolour brushes

- Andalou - (personal work) A speedpaint : it's important to practise the basics !

- Shadow of the Colossus - (personal work)One of my favourite games. The colossus is so big that he can't be framed in the picture.

- Seasons - (personal work) Inspired by Brittney Lee's wonderful artwork , Photoshop