- Tree study - tempera

- Holmes and Watson - For a Miyazaki fan art, using watercolour seems appropriate. Watercolour

- Holmes and watson ll - Watercolour. A gift for my daughter. I like using watercolour : no Ctrl Z,no return, and real brushes and tools.

- Horse - Horses are my favourite subject when I'm doodling . Paper and pencil

Some sketches I did during the last Inktober. I've almost succeded : 28 sketches, I missed 3 days. But I'm a young mom, can this be an excuse? Pentel, pens and ink.

- Funny Bunny - I've thought that Lewis caroll's rabbit should have a reason to be late : he could'nt choose his clothes . Pencil, paper and Photoshop.

- Kung fu panda sketches - I tried a mix between pencil, ink and watercolour for these fan arts inspired by Nico Marlet's work.

- Oz - A picture I did at my first year at art school, I really enjoy working with marker pens. Pentone markers, paper.

- Zebra - As I said, horses ( so, zebras too ) are my favorite subject